Binfield Warfield Winkfield Arts Week


We are looking for the best young photographers in our area; are you good, great or simply the best?

Use your phone, tablet or camera and your digital photographs could win fame and cash prizes in this competition.

Open to residents in the Parishes of Binfield Warfield and Winkfield under 17 on 31st August 2018. *For detailed rules and to register see below

In proud association with The Bracknell Camera Club


1.     Register online here first. See registration form further down this page

2.     Open to local residents of Binfield Warfield and Winkfield (including school boarders) who are under 17 on 31/8/18

3.     Once you have registered; send your digital photos to

4.     Last entry date for photos October 10th 2018. Results 23rd October 2018

5.     7 photographic categories to enter. Max 8 photo entries in total per photographer

6.  Judging panel includes experts from Bracknell Camera Club

Detailed Rules, Instructions and Qualifying Details


Cat 1.   ARCHITECTURAL IDENTITY: (buildings and their current relationship to or contrast with local and cultural identity)

Cat 2.   SPACES: Light and Shadow (Spaces in/under/open/closed, including artificial and natural light or reflection)

Cat 3.   UNSEEN DETAILS AROUND US: (looking and noticing those details others may overlook, large or small found on familiar paths and places)

Cat 4.   PERSPECTIVE AND MOVEMENT (Looking at the effects and impact of perspective and movement)

Cat 5.   COLOUR/TEXTURE/CONTRAST: (How these can be juxtaposed in natural or created environments)

Cat 6.   SHARED JOURNEYS AND EVENTS:  (reflecting on those events and activities that are shared with friends, family and loved ones)

Cat 7. PETS, ANIMALS: (with no humans in the pictures)


  • *Open only to people who live in Binfield, Warfield or Winkfield Parishes including those Boarding at Schools in the three Parishes
  • Entrants must be aged under 17 on Friday 31 st August 2018
  • All entries must be digital STILL images, no Video, no GIFs, no Prints
  • Email entry of photos only in JPG Format to
  • Maximum image size 19mb, Maximum image dimensions 1600 pixels (High or Wide)
  • All entries to be received before 10th October 2018
  • Photographs can be taken on any digital device including phones, cameras, tablets etc
  • You must clearly specify in which of the 7 Categories each photo is to be entered. A photograph may only be entered in ONE category
  • Although we encourage progressive and challenging work photos likely to cause offence will not be accepted.
  • All photographs must have been taken in 2018 and in the UK
  • In all cases the copyright of the images must be the property of the entrant. Copyright will always remain with the entrant.
  • Entries must be the unaided work of the photographer/entrant
  • Images submitted cannot be digitally manipulated except to CROP or convert to BLACK & WHITE.
  • Entrants must respect privacy at all times when taking photographs and not cause offence, damage or danger in the process of photography. Animals or plants included in images must not be damaged, abused or harmed in any way

  • Respect the personal rights of individuals included in photographs and seek approval of key subjects for the use of their image

  • When your photographs are judged at all stages it will be completely anonymous, the judges will not know the names of the entrants. Personal details will be collected only to validate entrant’s eligibility. Winners details will be retained until October 2020. All other entrants’ details and photographs will be deleted by December 2018.

  • Entrants must supply the name and contact details of a responsible adult/parent who has provided permission for your photographs to be entered in this competition and if you become a Winner

  • will be able confirm your qualifying contact details and confirm permission to use your entered photographs.

  • Entrants must confirm they have read and understood the rules before entering the competition.

  • No more than 8 photographic entries in total per person and no more than 3 entries in any one Category.

  • If a photograph cannot be matched to an entrant, or the Category for an entry is missing the photograph may be rejected

  • Seven Category winners will be determined by the judges on Tuesday 23rd October 2018. The judges may additionally award Certificates of Merit at their discretion.

  • Category Winners work will be exhibited at the Arts Week Exhibition at Brownlow Memorial Hall Newell Green Warfield RG42 6AB on October 26th/27th/28th 2018.

  • Category Prizes: Winner of each category will receive £25 cash. Other discretionary prizes may be awarded

  • In association with Bracknell Camera Club


Binfield Warfield Winkfield Arts Week