Binfield Warfield Winkfield Arts Week

Jeff Lawrence of Bracknell Camera Club awarding prizes to this years winners.

The theme for the 2019 Young Photographer Competition is


Using photography, the theme is my world, this is the day to day world that means something to you the young photographer. Imagine you are trying to explain your world to someone unfamiliar with it – through photography.  This could be your social, personal world, the physical and environmental world about you or the world of ideas.  The judges will be looking for the best executed photo that meets the overall theme MY WORLD, and will take into account the circumstances and situation of your photo and photographic composition elements


Young Photographer Competition Rules for 2019  


1.     (NOT YET AVAILABLE) Register for free online at

2.     Free entry, open to *local residents under 11, and 12-17**

3.     Submit photos via

4.     Closing date 30th September 2019

5.     Max 5 photo entries in total per person

6.     Cash Prizes


Detailed Rules

  1. Entrants must first complete all sections of the “Young Photographer Competition Registration Form” (NOT YET AVAILABLE) at before submitting any photographic images. Once received we create a confidential ident for the entrant and photos.
  2. *Open only to people who live in the three Bracknell Forest Parishes of Binfield, Warfield or Winkfield including those Boarding at Schools in the three Parishes
  3. There are two age bands for entries based on your age on Saturday 31st August 2019. a) 11 and under b) 12-17
  4. All photo entries must be in JPG format, no Video, no GIFs, no Prints, no sound files
  5. Send your photos to to be received by 30th September 2019
  6. Photographs can be taken on any digital device including phones, cameras, tablets etc
  7. You cannot digitally manipulate your entries except to CROP an image
  8. Photos likely to cause offence will be not be accepted.
  9. All photographs must have been taken by the entrant, unaided, in 2019
  10. Copyright of the images must be the property of the entrant, and will remain with the entrant.
  11.  Care and Privacy – some guidelines

 Entrants must respect privacy at all times when taking photographs
 Not cause offence, damage or danger in the process of photography
 Respect the personal rights of individuals included in photographs
 Seek approval of anyone prominently featured in your photos
 Animals or plants included in images must not be damaged, abused or harmed in any way
  1.  When your photographs are judged at all stages it will be completely anonymous, the judges will only know the age category a) Under 11, b) 11-17
  2. 13. Personal details will be collected only to validate entrant’s eligibility and will be only validated at the winner’s stage of the competition. Winners details will be retained until October 2021. All other entrants’ details and photos will be deleted immediately after the competition
  3. Entrants must supply the name and contact details of a responsible adult/parent who can validate the details on your entry form if you are one of the six winners and give permission for your images to be used in publicity including press and on our website
  4. No more than 5 photographic entries in total per person
  5. Three winners in both age groups will be selected by the judges, Cash prize 1st £25, 2nd 15, 3rd £10  plus other Highly Commended
  6. Winning photos and selected short listed photos will be screened at the Arts Week Exhibition at Brownlow Memorial Hall Newell Green Warfield RG42 6AB on 1st to 3rd November 2019


Binfield Warfield Winkfield Arts Week