Binfield Warfield Winkfield Arts Week

Arts and Crafts Exhibition 2017


The 2017 Arts and Crafts Exhibition runs on Friday 27th October (10.00-4.00) Saturday 28th October (10.00-4.00) and Sunday 29th October 2017 (10.00-3.00) at Brownlow Memorial Hall Newell Green Warfield RG42 6AB. It is an integral part of the overall Binfield Warfield & Winkfield Arts Week.

You can enjoy over 200 paintings, craft items, sculptures, photographs and fabric works by leading local artists who enter individually or as part of their art groups.  There is also a competition  to judge the "best" work and this is undertaken by Senior Lecturer at Bracknell & Wokingham College Lorraine Zutshi. For a list of the 2016 Exhibition winner click here

Come and see the amazing range of work and maybe find a local art group you would like to join. Free parking and free entry (no tickets required). Refreshments and plenty of seating available.  

To exhibit art or craftwork in the Arts and Crafts Exhibition 2017  (27th-29th October) just follow these 3 easy steps

1) Complete the entry form below, all of the boxes.  Entries must be received by 25th October 2017

2) Please read all the joining instructions below, they are there to help you (and us!)

3) Once your application has been confirmed, bring your art to Brownlow Hall on 26th October at 2.00pm to hang it.

For further assistance or to be sent an application form by post or email contact Jonathan Greenyer at You can also reach Jonathan on 01344 882702

Arts Week Exhibition 2017 Joining Instructions. Please read thoroughly

  1. WHAT IS IT? This is an exhibition for individual local* artists and members of local* Art Groups. Open to all ages and all categories** of arts and crafts ie. paintings, photography, 3D creations, needlework, woodwork, sculpture, pottery etc.  
  2. *WHO CAN ENTER? To exhibit art or crafts you must be local. This is clearly and simply defined as living or being a student in one of the three parishes of Binfield, Warfield or Winkfield or being a member of a local art group based in the three Parishes.
  3. WHERE IS IT? The Art & Crafts Exhibition is in Brownlow Memorial Hall Newell Green Warfield RG42 6AB. There is plenty of free off road parking, refreshment facilities, seating, toilets, heating and the hall is locked and secure overnight.
  4. FEES or COSTS: There are NO FEES to exhibit and NO COMMISSION on sales
  5. THE DISPLAY/HANGING DATE: All Pictures/craftwork are to be taken to Brownlow Hall on Thursday 26th October 2017 from 2.00pm to 4.00 pm so they can be displayed/hung. Hugh Fitzwilliams is in complete charge of curating/hanging/display on the day and has final say. You (or your appointed representative) will be asked to hang your own pictures in the spaces designated by Hugh Fitzwilliams.
  6. HOW MANY EXHIBITS? Generally individual exhibitors can individually exhibit up to 7 pieces. Art Groups can enter as a group by arrangement and agree a total number of pieces for their group to exhibit together. The organisers have final say on how many pieces are displayed and where they will be displayed. Very large paintings might be placed in one of the side rooms.
  7. CARDS: We cannot handle the display and small cash value sale of greeting cards or postcards. Exceptions can be made if a) The artist is selling cards for charity plus b) The artist attends at all times to take payment. Please enquire before bringing cards
  8. RACKS: There is room for art/print racks but they cannot always be placed adjacent to the position where an artist’s pictures are hung (due to blocking free flow of visitors) All work in racks must be individually labelled.
  9. **FAMILY AUDIENCE: All work must be suitable for family viewing
  10. PICTURE HANGING SYSTEM: We have a chain hanging system for pictures and photos. We supply hooks to attach your pictures to the hanging chains. So, all picture frames must have robust strings, wires or rings or something similar to facilitate hanging. Taping a string/ring to the pictures is not adequate. Equally you must make sure the frames are robustly constructed as pictures have been known to fall apart once hung. If you have no hanging strings/rings your art will not be exhibited
  11. LABELLING: Each exhibit must be labelled clearly (visible on the front for pictures) with the artist’s full name, the media used, the title, a selling price [or Not For Sale] and your art organisation (if applicable).  If your art is not properly labelled your art will not be exhibited.
  12. PROMOTE YOUR ART GROUP: We strongly recommend that Art Groups supply basic information and literature to help recruit new members. A small poster or A5 leaflets is ideal.
  13. SELLING PIECES: We take no commission from pieces sold during the 3 day Exhibition. The money from sales will be retained and stored securely by the Organisers, together with a signed purchaser’s receipt. Artists receive this receipt and the money at the end of the exhibition. Sold pieces will not be removed from the Exhibition until Sunday.
  14. THE COMPETITION*** is open to local adults and children, Prizes and certificates are awarded for these three categories: -
    1. Adult 2D - Paintings and photos.
    2. Adult 3D – Crafts, fabric, woodwork.
    3. Youth 2D – photos or paintings (under 16).
  15. PROFESSIONAL ARTISTS and members of the Arts Week committee are excluded from the competitions but may enter work freely in the exhibition
  16. ***THE JUDGING is undertaken in private when the exhibition is closed to the public by Lorraine Zutshi, Senior Art Lecturer at Bracknell and Wokingham College.   If you have won a prize you will be phoned or emailed so that you can attend the judge’s feedback session and awards ceremony at Brownlow Hall at 12.00 noon on Saturday 28th October 2017 and receive your award in front of the press
  17. STEWARDING: Please volunteer to steward during the arts week as visitors like to meet the artists and we genuinely need enthusiastic stewards to help and to talk to the visitors.
  18. END OF EXHIBITION: Remove all your unsold exhibits on Sunday 29th October 2017 at 3.00pm – please no earlier.